5 Indie PS1 Games Review

The Net Yaroze is a special black Playstation 1 created for Indie developers. Several indie devs from Japan, Europe and the United States created games for it and many of them were released in the European official Playstation magazine. 

In today's video, I take a look at 5 of these games with special cameo appearances by Snickety Slice & Historic Nerd.

Alien Trilogy gameplay gifs (PS1)

I've shared hese gifs on social media to promote my YouTube channel.

Figure I might as well share them here as well. You're free to use any of my blog's gifs for whatever projects you have. All I ask is that you credit St1ka... or at the very least subscribe to my channel ;D

Nintendo Classic Mini Review

The Nintendo Classic Mini was 2016's hot Christmas item for gamers, but is the system worth it? I take a look at its games, packaging, box, size and even run across some emulation issues.

Water Margin, a Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game released in 2015

Water Margin is a beat’em up released for the Sega Genesis or Mega Drive in 2015. This game was originally a 1996 Chinese bootleg, but in 2015, Piko Interactive bought the rights, cleaned up some of the graphics and sound and turned it into an official release.

Burning Rangers Review

Burning Rangers is a 3D action platformer where you play as futuristic firefighter. This may not sound very interesting, but apparently, in the future firefighters are equipped with lasers and jetpacks making it probably the most awesome job ever.

The Granstream Saga

I take a look at a forgotten PS1 Japanese RPG, Granstream Saga, a game which at the time, was seen as competition to Final Fantasy 7. Is this a hidden gem on the Playstation library or is it best left forgotten?

Master of Magic Review

Master of Magic is a spin-off to the amazing Master of Orion series, and though this game never got a sequel, it's still very much worth checking out today.