Dragon Ball Z The Legend Review

This week I reviewed Dragonball Z The Legend for the Sega Saturn, one of the most interesting Dragonball Z games out there!

Flight of the Amazon Queen Retro Review (Ms-Dos)

Flight of the Amazon Queen is a 1995 point and click adventure game with a style very similar to The Secret of Monkey Island. If you're familiar with LucasArts adventure games, this will feel very familiar to you right down to the controls, art style and gameplay.

Soul of the Samurai / Ronin Blade (Ps1) Review

Soul of the Samurai or Ronin Blade as it's known in Europe is a hack n' slash / Survival horror game inspired by the Resident Evil series. Sadly, even though this was developed by Konami, it's nowhere near the quality of the Onimusha series.

At least it makes for a cheap ebay purchase, but it's still hard to recommend this original Playstation game.

Ninja Gaiden (Master System) Review

In today's video, I reviewed Ninja Gaiden for the Sega Master System and compare it to its NES counterpart. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Tongue of the Fatman / Slaughter Sport Review (Sega Genesis / Mega Drive)

Slaughter Sport is the infamous Sega Genesis port of Tongue of the Fatman, often considered as one of the worst videogames ever made. This is a fighting game with terrible mechanics, no character balance, appalling hit detection and jerky controls.

5 Indie PS1 Games Review

The Net Yaroze is a special black Playstation 1 created for Indie developers. Several indie devs from Japan, Europe and the United States created games for it and many of them were released in the European official Playstation magazine. 

In today's video, I take a look at 5 of these games with special cameo appearances by Snickety Slice & Historic Nerd.

Alien Trilogy gameplay gifs (PS1)

I've shared hese gifs on social media to promote my YouTube channel.

Figure I might as well share them here as well. You're free to use any of my blog's gifs for whatever projects you have. All I ask is that you credit St1ka... or at the very least subscribe to my channel ;D